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Pippa Chia


Hola, me llamo Pippa!


Although I was born in the UK, I come from a family of mixed heritage and I believe that this has helped open up my mind to wanting to learn a language, travel internationally and find out more about people’s cultures.

Since school, I have always had a love and natural flair for Spanish, however it is only more recently that I have been able to realise my passion to teach this fantastic language to children. I have lived, worked and travelled to various Spanish speaking countries which has totally given me an appreciation of how widely spoken a language it is, and I am very excited to share this with our future generation and especially now with a young son of my own! I get such a sense of genuine satisfaction from hearing children singing a song , or saying a phrase in Spanish, especially of their own accord.  


Generally the younger you are, the less inhibitions you have which helps children to speak a different language without worrying about pronunciation, how they sound etc. which, as we get older, we become more aware of.  My only regret is that I wish I had learnt Spanish from a younger age and hence setting up Spanish4kids.

Maria Bolin

Hola me llamo Maria! 

I am from Spain and am a Spanish language and literature teacher

(degree in Spain), teaching in a private school in Spain for 18 years.

I am experienced in teaching and learning, having gained some of my experience in a private Language school in Winchester for 6 years.

I have completed “Supporting children with difficulty in reading and writing” course (University of London) and I enjoy teaching  and watching the improvement.


I look for the balance  between learning and having fun. Focusing on getting students to communicate in their target language is my priority, using visual and audio support, songs, jigsaw and board games.  Overall, I have a commitment to pupils’ learning and motivation, be it children or adults.

Silvia Aguirre


Hola me llamo Silvia!


I am a native Spanish speaker born in Perú. Since childhood I have been very interested in learning foreign languages motivated by my favourite songs, at the time, which were not in Spanish. Therefore I sought to know the meaning of the lyrics. At age 12, I got a big birthday present from my mum, a set of videos and books for learning English which made me fall in love with the language.


My degree and language skills were the gateway to many opportunities in my life, and enabled me to meet and communicate with people from all over the world, many of whom I formed strong friendships with. 


I am now settled in Denmark  and I am a mum of two young boys, a four year old who's become trilingual, and a 2 year old who is learning so fast all the languages we speak at home (Spanish, Danish and English). I have realised that teaching children a new language at their youngest is very important, because it is a path to understand new cultures and a bigger gateway for their future. 


My little ones encouraged me to teach Spanish to children, whose parents wanted them to speak one of the most spoken languages in the world. Since then I found another passion, listening to a child or an adult, whom you are teaching speaking some words in Spanish, which is the best reward!

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