Parents Area

Welcome to the shared area for your children which I hope you find useful! This has been set up with your children in mind so that they can practise what they have learnt that week, as a useful re-cap for any topic learnt that term, or if they have missed a lesson to pick up any material they may have missed. 

In here you will find material that we have worked through in each lesson, as well as some additional material that supports your child’s learning for each topic.

There is a folder for each unit and within each unit there are, in general, lessons 1 - 12 to coincide with the number of weeks in the term. 

There is a timetable of all topics covered aswell as a list of the schools/zoom club and their current unit so that you can quickly and easily find where your child is at!

There is a password for you to use to access this shared area that does change termly, which will be emailed to you at the start of each term.  However, if you do have any questions please do get in touch.

There is also a separate file with login details for Rockalingua, the online resource.