Terms & Conditions

Registration/Attendance and Collection
On arrival at Spanish Club we will register your child. If for any reason your child is not going to be at Spanish Club on an arranged day, please inform Pippa Chia on her mobile 07971 213619 as soon as possible.

Each school will have a specific collection point and you will be notified of this via email before the start of the Spanish Club term.

Your child is only permitted to leave the club with a ‘named contact’ (as disclosed by you on the enrolment form). If there is any other person who is authorised to collect your child, you need to inform Pippa Chia in writing as they will not be permitted to leave until we have made contact with you or one of the ‘named contacts’. No child under the age of 16 is permitted to collect your child unless we have written permission from you, the parents.

Your child must be collected by the finishing time of Spanish Club (this may vary depending on the school). Persistent lateness may result in your child losing their place at Spanish Club. Persistent lateness is deemed as 3 times during a half-term.

If you have not made any contact with Spanish Club and your child is not collected within half an hour of closing, then the Spanish Club Leader will make contact with you, and if necessary, the relevant school.

Change of Sessions
If, at any stage, you intend to give up any sessions, or your child’s place at Spanish Club, we require two weeks’ notice and confirmation of the date of the change in writing (email is acceptable). Please also be aware that once we have received your email, we will be offering the place to other children on our waiting list!

Change of Teacher
Due to Spanish Club demand and the practicality of running them at various schools we reserve the right to arrange for another tutor to run the Spanish Club. Where possible we will give you notice prior to them running the club. 

Cancelling Sessions
If for any reason such as sickness Spanish Club is unable to go ahead, we will do our best to try and arrange cover. In the event that this is not possible, we will reimburse/credit you for the session. 
If the school closes for reasons such as COVID, or any other circumstances outside of our control, we will not reimburse/credit you for the session.

Fees must be paid through the Club Enrolment system via the website www.spanish4kids.co.uk in advance of the sessions, and you will receive a reminder email a few weeks before the new term starts detailing the due date of fees. Any fees not paid by the due date will incur a £5 per week late payment fee and non-payment of fees may result in your child losing their place in Spanish Club.
Absence due to term time holidays or sickness will still incur the normal charge for a session.

Private tuition
Where appropriate, the same terms and conditions will apply to private tuition (for example how much notice a student needs to give if they wish to give up their lesson).

Should you have a complaint about our Clubs, or a tutor, please inform Pippa Chia in the first instance.